Successful Results in Immigration Cases

Empathetic and Customized Legal Advocacy

The journey through U.S. immigration can be overwhelming, with its continuously evolving laws and intricate procedures often leaving immigrants uncertain about their next steps or whom to consult.

The Benefits of Engaging an Immigration Lawyer

At Maribel A. Piza, P.A., we’ve successfully supported numerous individuals and families through diverse immigration matters. With extensive legal practice experience in South Florida, and a personal understanding of the U.S. immigration journey, our firm offers a dedicated, skilled, and attentive approach to each case.

Our priority is to secure positive results for our clients, providing tailored advice, cost-effective immigration solutions, and steadfast advocacy at every stage. Our empathetic and knowledgeable team is ready to navigate you through the process to ensure the best possible outcome for your situation.

How Our Immigration Legal Services Can Assist You

Our expertise spans the full spectrum of immigration law. We’ve assisted clients in acquiring everything from temporary visas for work or study to achieving full U.S. citizenship and intervening in deportation proceedings. We are committed to understanding each client’s individual objectives, providing clear answers to their questions, and addressing any concerns they might have.

We routinely handle a diverse range of immigration issues, including, but not limited to:

  • Seeking asylum
  • Applying for business visas
  • Navigating citizenship and naturalization processes
  • Formulating deportation defenses
  • Obtaining green cards
  • Managing nonimmigrant visas & status adjustments
  • Responding to detainers
  • Securing employment visas
  • Facilitating family visas
  • Overseeing consular processing

Additionally, we are well-prepared to assist clients with the appeals process. Our firm is adept at handling complex situations, including detailed asylum applications, and we offer our services to immigrants facing federal law issues across the country.


Expert Immigration Assistance

Our dedication to our clients is reflected in the numerous favorable reviews we have received on platforms like Yelp and Avvo. Maribel A. Piza, the principal attorney of Maribel A. Piza, P.A., brings a wealth of accolades and recognition for exceptional legal service and client satisfaction.

Understanding the complexities of your circumstances, we are relentless in our efforts to help you achieve a favorable result, whether it’s securing a green card, ensuring your stay in the U.S., or uniting your family. Our approach is characterized by empathy and meticulousness, and we stand by to support and represent you at every phase of your immigration journey.