Temporary Worker Visas & Work Permits

Assisting Immigrants with Employment in the United States

Temporary worker visas and work permits are designed to permit individuals to enter the United States for employment for a designated period. Various temporary work visas are available, such as the H-1B/H-1B1 for specialty occupations, H-2A for agricultural work, H-2B for non-agricultural seasonal work, O visas for those with extraordinary abilities, and P visas for athletes and entertainers, among others.

Maribel A. Piza, P.A. is equipped to support your needs for temporary worker visas or work permits. With vast experience aiding a broad range of clients, including green card applicants and asylum seekers, we are skilled in managing all types of non-immigrant visas. Our team, dedicated to facilitating your entry into the United States, provides comprehensive legal assistance to simplify the process.

Guidance on Applying for a Temporary Worker Visa

To apply for a temporary worker visa, the specific type you seek might require a labor certification approval. This step would need to be initiated by your prospective employer. Additionally, your employer is typically responsible for filing a temporary worker petition for you. Following approval from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), you can proceed with your temporary worker visa or work permit application.

The application steps for a temporary visa can differ based on the visa category. However, the general process typically includes:

  • Fill out the Nonimmigrant Visa Application form (DS-160).
  • Print and keep a copy of the form for your interview.
  • Attach a valid photo that meets the required specifications.
  • Arrange an interview at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in your home country.
  • Pay the applicable fees, compile the required documents, and get ready for the interview.

Post-interview, your application might undergo additional processing. You’ll be notified of the outcome and, if approved, can start making arrangements for your travel to the U.S.

Ways Our Firm Can Assist You

Maribel A. Piza, P.A. possesses a wealth of experience in managing temporary worker visas and work permits. Our team can guide you through every phase, from identifying the appropriate temporary visa for your situation to assisting with interview preparations and, if necessary, helping to extend your stay in the U.S. We have a strong track record of aiding countless clients through the nonimmigrant visa procedure.